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Browse documentation for IT-systems used by the European Environment Agency and the Eionet network.

EEA & Eionet documentation hub

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To update existing content

Use the link Edit this page on the bottom of each page to find the right file in the repository, and update the contents directly using the GitHub markdown editor.

To add new content

Here in the repository (,

  1. add a new folder in the format My-new-folder-name
  2. add a new file to the folder named
  3. update accordingly. Each menu item is described by two lines - first line is the menu title, second line is the URL to the folder just created.

To update documentation within “IT-systems” section

IT-systems documentation is generated automatically based on documentation found on each github repo within Thus, in order to update docs for one section under IT-systems all you have to do is to update github repo README and wait for the documentation to be regenerated. For example, in order to update documentation for EEA Faceted Navigation you will need to edit

Documentation within IT-systems section is updated nightly by this Jenkins job. If you don’t want a github repo to be present within documentation, then you can edit the above Jenkins job and add the repo to the BLACKLIST-ed repos. Also, you can mannually run this Jenkins job if you need documentation updated before the nightly build.