EEA & Eionet documentation hub

Browse documentation for IT-systems used by the European Environment Agency and the Eionet network.

Development guidelines

First see Software standards of EEA and Eionet (OBS: obsolete link see issue #1) for general guidelines on developing software for the EEA and Eionet.


EEA products must follow the EEA corporate design manual, and also use the web design elements for web based products.

Eionet web based products must follow the Eionet Website Design Guidelines.

Development methodology

All development work should be recorded in our task management system Taskman.

The methodology to follow is a blend of Scrum and Kanban, see Working with tickets in Taskman for a guide on the workflow.


The license to be used for our projects is the Mozilla Public License v2 or the compatible more used GNU General Public License v3, GPLv3, see the historical explanation on the initial choice of the license.

Source code management

Our software is managed on GitHub within the EEA organisation account. For legacy reason, some software is still also managed in Subversion on the Eionet SVN server.

The software is built and tested with our continous integragation (CI) tool Jenkins.