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Plans & Programmes Web DEM for AQ e-Reporting


Original repository: < /aqr-public.git>


  • aqrmodel - java library; contains the model; is responsible for the communication with the database; compiles to a JAR that is included in the aqrsystem module
  • aqrsystem - webapp; containing the views and controllers

Building a Docker image

It is possible to build, test and push a Docker image of the Web DEM to Docker Hub. The image includes Jolokia for integration into the monitoring system. To do so you activate the docker profile. The install goal will do a test start up of the container. The docker:push will push the Docker image to Docker Hub.

cd SourceCode/aqrsystem
mvn -Pdocker clean install
mvn -Pdocker -Ddocker.image=service docker:push

To use docker:push you must have an account and add these lines to your ~/.m2/settings.xml:


Note that occassionally the application is ready before the database is online. In that case use the docker:start goal.


The application is configured with environment variables. If you run it in a Docker container, then there is an example configuration at Documentation /docker-compose-example.yml.

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