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BDR-Registry Data Obfuscation Script

This repository contains a script which obfuscates persons and companies data from bdr registry database.


  1. Access to the bdr registry database container.
  2. A database dump.

How to use

  1. Clone this project:

    $ git clone

  2. Create env file from example and fill its variables:

    $ cp bdr-registry.env.example bdr-registry.env

  3. Copy the dump and the script file into the container:

    $ cd bdr.registry.dataobfuscation $ docker cp $ docker cp dump.sql :dump.sql $ docker cp .bdr-registry.env :bdr.registry.env

  4. Access the container:

    $ docker exec -it bash

  5. Set environment variables:

    $ source .bdr-registry.env

  6. Run the script:


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