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Buildout (zc.buildout) extension for including setuptools extras_require options for all items in a target option if the extra exists.


This is a buildout extension, so simply add it to your extensions list::

extensions = buildout.autoextras


There are two options…

autoextra-keys A list of extra keys (e.g. test, zcml, etc.) that should be included if the package has the extra.

autoextra-targets A list of targets to check for the extras. For example, a buildout part named demo that has an eggs option. The target in this case would be demo:eggs. This is similar to zc.buildout’s variable replace syntax except without the ${} symbolling.

Together these options might look something like::

extensions = buildout.autoextras
parts = demo
autoextra-keys = zcml
autoextra-targets = demo:eggs

recipe = zc.recipe.eggs
eggs =

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