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This repository includes orchestration files for automatically deploy a Plone 5 cluster to a Rancher PaaS server via rancher-compose tool (the rancher- compose tool is like a multi-host version of docker-compose).


  • On the private or public cloud: you have installed Rancher with at least two docker hosts.

  • On your pc/laptop: you have installed the rancher-compose tool you find it from the Rancher server after logging in. To enable rancher-compose to launch services in a Rancher instance, you’ll need to set a couple of environment variables or pass them into the rancher-compose command as an option:RANCHER_URL, RANCHER_ACCESS_KEY, and RANCHER_SECRET_KEY. The access key and secret key will be an API key:

    # Set the url that Rancher is on $ export RANCHER_URL=http://server_ip:8080/ # Set the access key, i.e. username $ export RANCHER_ACCESS_KEY=<username_of_key> # Set the secret key, i.e. password $ export RANCHER_SECRET_KEY=<password_of_key>
    • You are familiar with Docker concepts.

    How to use it

    See the screencasts:

    See also the lightning talks slides from Plone conf 2015

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