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Exports ArcGIS online catalogue data into RDF files


Additional libraries in use apart of the standard Python libs : rdflib and json

How to run:

1. Use the shell
2. Go to the script directory (Python exported is needed)
3. Run: python <outputfilepath> -g "GROUPNAME"

The argument is:

outputpath: Provides the full output in the server machine with the filename with extension .rdf e.g. “M:\ags_mxd_data\RDF\test.rdf”


--group, -g : It possible retrive data from sevaral groups. The dafault group is “European Environment Agency (Applications)” Avalilable groups are listed in


python retrive_data.rdf -g "GMES Services"

How to run in Docker

Note: Work in progress. We will add it to Docker Hub once it is working properly with environment variables.

Build the Dockerfile locally.

git clone eea.docker.arcgis2rdf
cd eea.docker.arcgis2rdf
docker build -t arcgis2rdf .

Create a output directory with mkdir rdf. Run the docker container to create a RDF output in ./rdf

docker run -ti -v ./rdf:/var/local/arcgis2rdf:rw arcgis2rdf

Now you should see the rdf file with more rdf/arcgis_data.rdf

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