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EEA Art17 mapviewer


aka Art17 mapserver

Purpose: To provide a WMS service for the Art. 17 consultation tool of 2008. Service location:


Host prerequisites: Docker, [docker- compose] (

Install the application:

# git clone
# cd eea.docker.art17mapviewer
# docker-compose up -d

Prepare the data container:

# docker run -d --name art17mapviewer_data eeacms/var_local_data

Dump application and data from donor host

# docker run --rm --volumes-from=eeadockerart17mapviewer_home_1 -v $(pwd):/backup busybox tar cvzfp /backup/art17mapviewer_data.tar.gz /var/local/GIS

import application and data to target host

# docker run --rm --volumes-from=art17mapviewer_data -v $(pwd):/backups busybox tar zxvf /backups/art17mapviewer_data.tar.gz

Run already installed application:

# cd eea.docker.art17mapviewer
# docker-compose up -d

Now the application is running on port specified in the docker-compose file and the files are stored in the art17mapviewer_data data container

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