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CentOS 7 image with Java development tools


This is a CentOS 7 image with the following additional tools installed:

  • bzip2
  • java-devel
  • make
  • mariadb client
  • maven (3.0.5 & 3.5.0 in /opt/apache-maven-3.5.0/bin)
  • mysql-connector-java
  • python
  • python-ldap
  • MySQL-python
  • libxml2-python
  • libxslt-python
  • postgresql-jdbc
  • subversion
  • unzip
  • vim-enhanced
  • which
  • dos2unix

You use this image by mapping your work environment on your PC to a directory in the container.

Then you can do:

docker-compose up -d
docker exec -it eeadockercentos7dev_java7dev_1 bash

The image is also available from Docker Hub:

docker run -it eeacms/centos7dev bash

Build instructions

Built automatically at when a change is pushed to GitHub. To ensure that you always have an immutable build for produuction you create a new tag in GitHub.

$ version=1.0
$ git tag -a $version -m "Release $version"
$ git push origin $version

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