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NOTE: the repo that generates the Plone image is:


Docker Orchestration for Climate Adapt


  1. Install Docker 1.10.3.

  2. Install Docker Compose 1.6.2.

  3. Install Rancher Compose 0.7.4+



In order to be able to edit source-code on your machine using your favorite editor, without having to do it inside a Docker container, you’ll have to create a new user on your laptop with uid=500 and use this user for development:

$ useradd -u 500 zope-www
$ usermod -a -G docker zope-www
$ sudo su - zope-www

Now get the source code:

$ git clone
$ cd eea.docker.climateadapt/devel
$ docker-compose -f source-code.yml up

Start the application:

$ docker-compose up

Within your favorite browser head to http://localhost:8080, add a Plone site and install the following add-ons:

  • EEA Plone buildout profile
  • eea.climateadapt

Now you are ready to develop Plone Add-ons within src folder:

$ ls -l src/

Once you’re done editing, restart the application and test your changes:

$ docker-compose restart


import rpdb; rpdb.set_trace('')
$ nc localhost 4444



  • Rancher Compose
  • Within Rancher UI register min 1 hosts with label: climateadapt=yes

On your laptop:

$ git clone
$ cd eea.docker.climateadapt/deploy

Deploy on staging/demo:

$ rancher-compose --project-name climateadapt-demo --env-file staging-cca.env up -d

Deploy in production:

$ rancher-compose --project-name climateadapt-demo --env-file production-cca.env up -d


$ rancher-compose --project-name climateadapt --env-file production.env up -d --upgrade

…and confirm that the upgrade went well:

$ rancher-compose --project-name climateadapt --env-file production.env up -d --confirm-upgrade

…or roll-back:

$ rancher-compose --project-name climateadapt --env-file production.env up -d --roll-back

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