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EEA Community application docker setup

EEA Community site orchestration for deployment, including Apache, HAProxy, ZEO server, ZEO client, Postfix.

ZEO server and ZEO client have the same base image, you can find it on Docker Hub or you can inspect the Github repository to see the Dockerfile.


  1. Production environment:

Note: See EEA SVN for answers.txt file

  • From Rancher Catalog > EEA deploy:
    • Community (EEA Forum)


Upgrade community stack

  1. Add new catalog version within eea.rancher.catalog
* Prepare next release, e.g.: `17.9`:
            $ git clone
    $ cd eea.rancher.catalog/templates/community
    $ cp -r 59 60
    $ git add 60
    $ git commit -m "Prepare release 17.9"

* Release new version, e.g:. `17.9`:
            $ vim config.yml
    version: "17.9"
    $ vim 60/rancher-compose.yml
    version: "17.9"
    uuid: community-60
    $ vim 60/docker-compose.yml
    - image: eeacms/cynin:17.9
    $ git add .
    $ git commit -m "Release 17.9"
    $ git push

* See [Rancher docs]( for more details.
  1. Upgrade Rancher deployment
* Click the available upgrade button

* Confirm the upgrade

* Or roll-back if something goes wrong and abort the upgrade procedure

Data migration

You can access production data inside filestorage and blobstorage volumes:

    $ docker volume ls


  1. Start rsync client on host from where do you want to migrate data (SOURCE HOST):

    $ docker run -it --rm --name=r-client \
             -v community-filestorage:/filestorage \
             -v community-blobstorage:/blobstorage \
         eeacms/rsync sh
  2. Start rsync server on host where do you want to migrate data (DESTINATION HOST):

    $ docker run -it --rm --name=r-server -p 2222:22 \
             -v community-filestorage:/filestorage \
             -v community-blobstorage:/blobstorage \
         eeacms/rsync server
  3. Within r-client container from step 1 run:

    $ rsync -e 'ssh -p 2222' -avz /filestorage/ root@<DESTINATION HOST IP>:/filestorage/ $ rsync -e 'ssh -p 2222' -avz /blobstorage/ root@<DESTINATION HOST IP>:/blobstorage/

First time steps to get a clean portal

If you don’t have already an existing site (zodb data.fs) than the following step will get you started to create a fresh site.

  1. Point your public LB to cynin instance instead of apache
  2. open in browser: user: admin password: secret (default zope admin user)
  3. Change admin password within acl_users
  4. From ZMI add a “Plone Site” object, set the id: “cynin”, press the “Add plone site” button
  5. Select “cynin”, look for “portal_quickinstaller”, check the product called “Ubify Site Policy”, press the “Install” button
  6. Open in browser:
  7. Point back your public LB to apache

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