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EEA Glossary application docker setup


DEPRECATED: the glossary is now available in plone via EEA glossary online see dexterity product eea.glossary.

Docker images created for EEA Glossary, including images for ZEO server, ZEO client, Varnish and a dedicated data container.

ZEO server and ZEO client have the same base image, you can find it on Docker Hub or you can inspect the Github repository to see the Dockerfile.


  1. Install Docker.
  2. Install Docker Compose.


Production environment:

$ git clone
$ cd eea.docker.glossary
$ docker-compose up -d

After all containers are started, you can access the application on http://<IP>, where IP is address of your machine.


$ cd eea.docker.glossary
$ git pull
$ docker-compose pull

$ docker-compose stop
$ docker-compose rm -v apache varnish zclient1 zclient2 zclient3 zeo
$ docker-compose up -d --no-recreate

Restore application data

  1. Start rsync client on host where do you want to migrate eggrepo data (DESTINATION HOST):

    $ docker-compose up data $ docker run -it –rm –name=r-client –volumes-from=eeadockerglossary_data_1 eeacms/rsync sh

  2. Start rsync server on host from where do you want to migrate eggrepo data (SOURCE HOST):

    $ docker run -it –rm –name=r-server -p 2224:22 –volumes-from=eeadockerglossary_data_1 \ -e SSH_AUTH_KEY=”" \ eeacms/rsync server

  3. Within rsync client container from step 1 run:

    $ rsync -e ‘ssh -p 2224’ -avz root@:/var/local/zeostorage/var/ /var/local/zeostorage/var/

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