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Docker orchestration for EEA Jenkins Workers (Docker-in-Docker)

Docker orchestration for EEA Jenkins workers able to run Docker related jobs



  1. Install Docker.

  2. Install Docker Compose.

  3. Install Rancher Compose


$ git clone
$ cd eea.docker.jenkins.dind

Add master, user and password to connect jenkins slaves to jenkins master

$ cp .secret.example .secret
$ vi .secret

Deploy in production

$ rancher-compose -e .secret up -d

Update SSH keys on github

If you have Jenkins jobs that commit on github, get the new generated SSH keys from Jenkins Slaves Rancher console and add them to github (Jenkins user)


$ rancher-compose -e .secret pull
$ rancher-compose -e .secret up -d --upgrade

…and confirm that the upgrade went well:

$ rancher-compose -e .secret up -d --confirm-upgrade

…or roll-back:

$ rancher-compose -e .secret up -d --roll-back

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