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Docker image for MXISD Federated Matrix Identity Server


Docker image for with added EEA LDAP configurations.


  1. MATRIX_DOMAIN: The public url of matrix, used in federation and under which every user is saved
  2. LDAP_HOST: LDAP hostname/ip
  3. LDAP_PORT: LDAP port
  4. LDAP_TLS: true/false
  5. LDAP_BINDDN: The DN for the user to read from LDAP ( must have access to emails)
  6. LDAP_BINDDN_PASS: The password for the user to read from LDAP
  7. LDAP_FILTER: Filter for LDAP users
  8. LDAP_BASEDN: LDAP BASE DN to give access to users
  9. JAVA_OPTS: Extra Java OPTS


Example docker-compose:

    image: eeacms/matrix-mxisd
    restart: always
      - ./data/mxisd/etc:/etc/mxisd
      - ./data/mxisd/var:/var/mxisd
      - 18290:8090
      MATRIX_DOMAIN: public-url 
      LDAP_HOST: host
      LDAP_BINDDN: ddn
      LDAP_BINDDN_PASS: pass
      LDAP_BASEDN: basedn
      LDAP_PORT: port
      LDAP_TLS: 'true'

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