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NBSAP platform


Project Name

This project enables quick installation for the NBSAP platform using Docker.

Prerequisites - System packages

These packages should be installed as superuser (root).

Debian based systems

apt-get install docker pip git
pip install docker-compose

RHEL based systems

yum install docker git epel-release
yum install python-pip
pip install docker-compose

Prerequisites - System services

These services should be running:

sudo service docker start

Product directory

Create a new user:

useradd nbsap -d /var/local/nbsap

Create a docker group and add user nbsap to it:

sudo groupadd docker
sudo usermod -aG docker nbsap
sudo service docker restart

Install project (dev)

The following commands will be run as an unprivileged user in the product directory:

su nbsap
  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone --recursive cd eea.docker.nbsap
  2. Copy enviroment files:

    cp -R env.example env
  3. Start docker containers:

    docker-compose up -d
  4. Migrate and load fixtures

    docker-compose run dev migrate docker-compose run dev load_fixtures

Deployment to rancher

First time when deploying a new instance:

rancher-compose -e env/<instance_name>.env up -d <instance_name>

After changing docker-compose or rancher-compose file:

rancher-compose -e env/<instance_name>.env up -d --upgrade <instance_name>
rancher-compose -e env/<instance_name>.env up -d --confirm-upgrade <instance_name>

When the image is changed:

rancher-compose -e env/<instance_name>.env pull <instance_name>
rancher-compose -e env/<instance_name>.env up -d --force-upgrade <instance_name>


People involved in this project:

  • Dragos Catarahia (dragos.catarahia at
  • Iulia Chiriac (iulia.chiriac at
  • Eduard Zaharia (eduard.zaharia at

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