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run the container with docker-compose:

create the data container planner_home (see below)

# git clone <reponame>
# docker-compose build 
# docker-compose up -d

run the container:

# docker run --restart=always --name planner -p <port_host>:21582 --volumes-from=planner_home -d eeacms/planner

current <port_host> = 50005

moving data volume containers from one host to another:

  • donor host

    docker run –rm –volumes-from=eeadockerplanner_planner_1 -v $(pwd):/backup busybox tar zcvfp /backup/planner_home.tar.gz /var/local

  • target host

    docker run -d –name planner_home eeacms/var_local_data adduser -D planner

    docker run –rm –volumes-from=planner_home -v $(pwd):/backups busybox tar zxvfp /backups/planner_home.tar.gz

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