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EEA Plone WWW Docker Image based on EEA KGS



Docker Plone Image used for EEA website. See more at eea.docker.www

Supported environment variables

  • ZOPE_MODE Can be zeoserver, standalone, zeo_client, zeo_async, rel_client, rel_async. Default standalone
  • GRAYLOG Configure zope inside container to send logs to GrayLog. Default (e.g.:
  • GRAYLOG_FACILITY Custom GrayLog facility. Default eea.docker.kgs (e.g.:
  • RABBITMQ_HOST RabbitMQ host. Default rabbitmq (e.g.:
  • RABBITMQ_PORT RabbitMQ port. Default 5672 (e.g.: RABBITMQ_PORT=8080)
  • RABBITMQ_USER RabbitMQ username. Default guest (e.g.: RABBITMQ_USER=client)
  • RABBITMQ_PASS RabbitMQ password. Default guest (e.g.: RABBITMQ_USER=secret)
  • TRACEVIEW TraceView token

Release new versions of this image

Get source code

$ git clone

Update FROM eeacms/kgs:X.Y base image within Dockerfile

$ cd eea.docker.plone-eea-www
$ vim Dockerfile
FROM eeacms/kgs:19.5

Update FROM eeacms/www:X.Y base image within devel/Dockerfile

$ cd eea.docker.plone-eea-www
$ vim devel/Dockerfile
FROM eeacms/www:19.5

Commit changes

$ git commit -am "Release 19.5"

Create tag

$ git tag 19.5

Push changes

$ git push --tags
$ git push

After eeacms/www:19.5 is build, you need to trigger the release of eeacms/www- devel:19.5 ( which uses eeacms/www:19.5)

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