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EEA Rancher server


DEPRECATION NOTE: This github repo is for example deployments only and will not be updated anymore. The production deployment files are in EEASVN see eea internal wiki.

This repo includes the docker-compose orchestration for deployment of a Rancher server in a single node setup.

It uses an external mysql service with named volumes.

How to install it

You must have Docker and Docker compose installed on your host.

Before starting the server you must add the secret key file named “server- eea.key” under the bind-mounted directory ./ngnix/tls. This adds SSL termination in nginx in front of Rancher as descirbed in docs.

# git clone
# cd eea.docker.rancher

Configure the secrets

# cp dbsecrets.env-dist dbsecrets.env
# vi dbsecrets.env
# cp mysqlsecrets.env-dist mysqlsecrets.env
# vi mysqlsecrets.env

Start the mysql server and setup the rancher cattle DB as described in rancher with external database. Close the mysql service.

Than finally run the full stack:

# docker-compose up -d

Go to http://yourhost/ to view the Rancher server UI.

Where is the data?

Rancher uses mysql to store all Rancher metadata and settings. In the docker- compose file you can see that we store the data in a named volume.

We also have a mysql-backup service which will automatically do mysql dumps at certain intervals specified via environment variables. See the original docker image deitch/mysql-backup/ for more info. The dumps are stored under ./mysql-backup.


For supsequent upgrades you just need to pull the new image and bump up the version in the docker-compose.yml file and restart, in the example below we use v1.1.0.

# docker pull rancher/server:v1.1.0
# vi docker-compose.yml # bump-up the version and save
# docker-compose up -d

See the rancher official upgrade documentation.


See more on official page

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