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eea.docker.sanap - Sanap Orchestration


This repository contains the orchestration for, the Self Assessment for National Adaptation Policy application.

The application image is automatically built upon commit on Docker Hub: eeacms/sanap -

Starting up an instance

git clone
# this will clone just the repo, without submodules
docker-compose up

Migrating existing data

To move data from an existing instance of sanap, you should copy the MongoDB files into the mongo container.

To do that, run:

# create a folder
mkdir -p data/db
# copy here the files, it should look like:
# journal  local.0  local.ns sanap.0  sanap.1  sanap.ns

# copy the folder to the container, assuming the label is: eeasanap_db_1
docker run --rm -v `pwd`/data/:/host --volumes-from=eeasanap_db_1 busybox cp -r /host/db /data/

Environment variables

The sanap container allows for the following environment variables which should be passed as a secret env_file:

SECRETY_KEY=""  # unique secret string
SENTRY_DSN=""   # url to Sentry logging endpoint
HOSTNAME=""     # public url of the sanap installation, defaults to

Development Setup

You can use git submodules for fast development.

git clone --recursive
# the source code will be cloned inside ./eea.sanap
# changes to the source code are automatically reflected in the docker container
docker-compose -f up

To commit changes, just go inside eea.sanap and use it as a regular git repo.

To update orchestration with the latest source, run:

git submodules udpate --remote
git commit ...

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