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EEA Transfer Website


This dockerised PHP application is used to temporarly store and transfer large files up to 1.5GB within our network of users by using Eionet LDAP.


Host prerequisites: Docker, [docker- compose] (

Install the application:

# git clone
# cd eea.docker.transfer
# docker-compose up -d

Run already installed application:

# cd eea.docker.transfer
# docker-compose up -d


The application is not capable to create the empty uploads.sqlite in “/var/www/html/transfer/uploads” (matched with /media/transfer_data/uploads on the host - see docker-compose file). Copy an existing from another host one or create it from scratch as:

[from within running container] sqlite3 /var/www/html/transfer/uploads/uploads.sqlite
[from the host] sqlite3 /media/transfer_data/uploads/uploads.sqlite

>CREATE TABLE 'temp' (hash text, file_id integer, file_name text, user_info text, date integer);
>CREATE TABLE 'uploads' (id integer(32) not null primary key unique, filename text(100), date integer, user_info text, hash text, ttl integer);

check writing permissions on file and folder.

Now the application is running on port specified in the docker-compose file and the files are stored on the host at /media/transfer_data/uploads.

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