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EEA Web-Karma docker setup


This repo contains the Dockerfile for running Web-Karma server.

What is Web-Karma

Web-Karma (aka Karma) is an information integration tool that enables users to quickly and easily integrate data from a variety of data sources including relational databases, spreadsheets, delimited text files, XML, JSON, KML and Web APIs. Users integrate information by modeling it according to an ontology (RDFS/OWL) of their choice using a graphical user interface that automates much of the process.

More info and screencasts on Web-Karma official site



In order to start Web-Karma run:

$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name webkarma eeacms/webkarma

The first time the above will pull the images from Docker Hub.

Visit http://localhost:8080

IMPORTANT NOTE: Right now the eeacms/webkarma image is functional only on localhost and using port 8080 both on host and container.

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