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Eionet roles editor



Place eea.ldapadmin in eggs and zcml sections of your zope instance.

Create an empty dir, e.g. var/log/ldap/, and copy config.yaml.sample (provided next to this readme) to config.yaml in this directory. Configure user dn and password to bind with. The user dn should belong to a user able to request unlimited size ldap results.

Set LDAP_DISK_STORAGE environment variable to the path of the former mentioned empty dir:

environment-vars =
    LDAP_DISK_STORAGE ${buildout:directory}/var/log/ldap/

FORUM_URL is used to link to profile overview. Also, add this part which will generate a script that can dump an sqlite copy of the configured branches in config.yaml:

parts =

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = eea.ldapadmin
arguments = "${buildout:directory}/var/log/ldap/"

Make sure the path in arguments is the same you provided for LDAP_DISK_STORAGE.

From ZMI you can now add an Eionet Roles Editor object.

Although done on the fly at first access, you can also configure a cyclic sync of the country lists with EEA Data Service. Run this in a cron command: LDAP_DISK_STORAGE=/same/path/here bin/update_countries

The Eionet Profile Overview

The endpoints part of config.yaml (see sample in root) contains a list of Eionet services and credentials to receive local info about users, on those platforms. Those are basically Zope users with permission to request that URL.

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