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Unofficial dockerfile for Phoronix Test Suite open-source, cross-platform automated testing/benchmarking software.


  1. Install Docker.

How to use it

This docker image expose the phoronix-text-suite as a docker command. Useful for testing Cloud Providers with same consistent test suite image.

To list all the commands available just run:

$ sudo docker run --rm eeacms/phoronix-test-suite

Run specific tests

To list available tests run:

$ sudo docker run --rm -e COMMAND="list-available-tests" eeacms/phoronix-test-suite

Below some examples on how to run some tests with the command `benchmark

`. To run IOzone test `pts/iozone-1.8.0`: $ sudo docker run -it -e COMMAND="benchmark pts/iozone-1.8.0" eeacms/phoronix-test-suite To run Loopback TCP Network test `pts/network-loopback-1.0.1`: $ sudo docker run -it -e COMMAND="benchmark pts/network-loopback-1.0.1" eeacms/phoronix-test-suite To run PostgreSQL pgbench `pts/pgbench-1.5.2`: $ sudo docker run -it -e COMMAND="benchmark pts/pgbench-1.5.2" eeacms/phoronix-test-suite ### Run entire test suites To list available tests suite: $ sudo docker run -it -e COMMAND="list-available-suites" eeacms/phoronix-test-suite It will output a similar list: Phoronix Test Suite v6.2.1 Available Suites pts/audio-encoding - Audio Encoding System pts/chess - Chess Test Suite Processor pts/compilation - Timed Code Compilation Processor pts/compiler - Compiler Processor pts/compression - Timed File Compression Processor pts/computational - Computational Test Suite System pts/computational-biology - Computational Biology Test Suite Processor pts/cpu - CPU / Processor Suite Processor pts/cryptography - Cryptography Processor pts/daily-kernel-tracker - Daily Kernel Tracker System pts/daily-system-tracker - Daily System Tracker System pts/database - Database Test Suite System pts/desktop-graphics - Desktop Graphics System pts/disk - Disk Test Suite Disk pts/encoding - Encoding System pts/favorites - Favorites System * pts/gaming - Gaming System pts/gaming-closed - Closed-Source Gaming System * pts/gaming-free - Free Software Gaming System pts/gui-toolkits - GUI Toolkits Graphics pts/ioquake3-games - Games Using The ioquake3 Engine System pts/iqc - Image Quality Comparison Suite Graphics pts/java - Java System pts/java-opengl - Java OpenGL System pts/kernel - Kernel System pts/linux-system - Linux System System pts/memory - Memory Test Suite Memory pts/mesa - Mesa Test Suite Graphics pts/motherboard - Motherboard System pts/multicore - Multi-Core Processor pts/netbook - Netbook Test Suite System pts/network - Networking Test Suite Network pts/nevada - OpenSolaris Nevada Test Suite System pts/opencl - OpenCL System pts/opengl-demos - OpenGL Demos Test Suite System pts/opengl-workstation - OpenGL Workstation Test Suite System pts/pts-desktop-live - PTS Desktop Live System pts/ray-tracing - Ray-Tracing Test Suite System pts/server - Server Motherboard System pts/ue4 - Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demos On Linux Graphics pts/unigine - Unigine Test Suite Graphics * pts/universe - Universe Test Suite System pts/universe-cli - Universe CLI Test Suite System * pts/universe-x - Universe X Test Suite System pts/video-encoding - Video Encoding System pts/workstation - Workstation System pts/workstation-graphics - Workstation Graphics Graphics pts/xrender - X Render Extension Testing Graphics system/collection - Collection System To run CPU test suite `pts/cpu`: $ sudo docker run -it -e COMMAND="benchmark pts/cpu" eeacms/phoronix-test-suite To run Disk Test Suite `pts/disk`: $ sudo docker run -it -e COMMAND="benchmark pts/disk" eeacms/phoronix-test-suite To run Computational Biology Test Suite `pts/computational-biology`: $ sudo docker run -it -e COMMAND="benchmark pts/computational-biology" eeacms/phoronix-test-suite ## See also See [phoronix-test-suite on github]( /phoronix-test-suite/) [Edit this page](