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Pre-install steps

  1. Create like as an example.

  2. Configure/remove applcations managed by AclADmin. Adding an application called “appName” means adding/modifying the following 4 parameters: 2.1 applications=appName 2.2 appName.router.url=URL of appName 2.3 appName.anonymous.access=anonymous 2.4 appName.authenticated.access=authenticated

  3. Copy the acl folder into ${app.home} folder and edit it’s contents accordingly.

  4. Modify the ${app.home} property value in file

Building the war

Execute command: mvn install


By default Tomcat is configured to copy the META-INF/context.xml file in the WAR file to /etc/tomcat/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml. Since it is empty, the application will fall back to properties files in the webapp. If you want to load the properties file from an external location, you can activate it in the ROOT.xml file post deployment. The documentation says that this file won’t be overwritten again, but this is only for restarts. It will happen when you redeploy the WAR file. On production systems you must then add the deployXML="false" to the <Host> element to prevent it.

<Host ... deployXML="false" ...

For more, see

Building a Docker image

It is possible to build, test and push a Docker image of Eionet transfer to EEA’s Docker registry. To do so you activate the docker profile. The install goal will do a test start up of the container. The docker:push will push the Docker image to

mvn -Pdocker install docker:push

To use docker:push you must have an account and add these lines to your ~/.m2/settings.xml:


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