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Eionet CAS service


Eionet uses a configuration of the Apereo CAS project at The only difference is that we have it set up with LDAP as the backend and there is an Eionet style.

The build is done using the Maven Overlay Method, so you only see the files that have been modified here. The rest is downloaded as dependencies with Maven.

To upgrade, change the cas.version number in the pom.xml and rebuild with

mvn clean install


CAS enforces connection via SSL as people are entering passwords into the login page. It does redirection and SSL directly in the Tomcat application and it must use a dedicated IP number.


The etc directory contains the configuration files and directories that need to be copied to /etc/cas/config.


The Eionet CAS service is deployed behind an Apache server, which handles the TLS and connects to Tomcat via AJP on port 8009.

  • Create a keystore file thekeystore under /etc/cas. Use the password changeit for both the keystore and the key/certificate entries.
  • Ensure the keystore is loaded up with keys and certificates of the server.

On a successful deployment via the following methods, CAS will be available at:


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