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In order to install the EIONET OTRS Skin, go to the Custom directory in your OTRS deployment directory (e.g.: /opt/otrs/Custom):

$ cd /opt/otrs/Custom
$ git clone

Edit and make sure OTRS_USER, OTRS_GROUP and OTRS_ROOT variables are set correctly for your environment, then:

$ sudo ./

Log into OTRS system with the admin user, go to SysConfig Core::Web and set:

 **Loader::Agent::DefaultSelectedSkin** to eionet then go to **Frontend::Customer** and set:

 **Loader::Customer::SelectedSkin** to eionet

In order to be able to use our own favicon.ico, we need to change Frontend::ImagePath to <OTRS_CONFIG_Frontend::WebPath>skins/Agent/eionet/img/

OTRS Theme:

To activate the theme in otrs, we need to go to SysConfig Core::Web and add our EIONET theme to Frontend::Themes and make it active. To make our theme the default theme, we need to go to SysConfig Core and change the DefaultTheme setting to EIONET . This will apply our theme to all users that have not previously set the Theme preference in their user preferences.

If we want the theme default theme setting to override user’s preferences, then we need to set our default theme on a host level DefaultTheme::HostBased.

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