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Zope 2.7.2 installation


This Dockerfile installs Python 2.3.5, MySQL database connector, Python LDAP and Zope 2.7.2 from source packages. For convenience the packages are in the directory, as they are 10 years old.

The installation expects the Zope instance to be located in /var/local/website in the container namespace. This can then be mapped to whatever you want in the docker-compose.yml file.

The Python interpreter is installed in /usr/local/bin/python and zope in /usr/local/zope

If the container doesn’t find an etc/zope.conf file, then it creates a new instance in /var/local/website.

You can set the user id to run zope as by setting the environment variable USERID to a numeric value. If not set, then it defaults to 600.


In the etc/zope.conf set the port of the embedded HTTP service to 8080.

  # valid keys are "address" and "force-connection-close"
  address 8080
  # force-connection-close on

In the scripts under bin, make sure that the Python interpreter is /usr/local/bin/python and ZOPE_HOME is /usr/local/zope.



The build the container locally do docker-compose build. When you push the changes to GitHub, then the Docker Hub will build and publish at eeacms/zope-2-7-2:latest

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