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A service wrapper execution for elasticsearch using Java Service Wrapper.

Installation guide

Simply edit the elasticsearch.conf file to point to the correct elasticsearch home path.

ElasticSearch can be run as a service using the elasticsearch script located under bin/service location. The script accepts a single parameter with the following values:

Parameter Description
console Run the elasticsearch in the foreground.
start Run elasticsearch in the background.
stop Stops elasticsearch if its running.
install Install elasticsearch to run on system startup (init.d / service).
remove Removes elasticsearch from system startup (init.d / service).

The service uses Java Service Wrapper which is a small native wrapper around the Java virtual machine which also monitors it.

Note, passing JVM level configuration (such as -X parameters) should be set within the elasticsearch.conf file.

The ES_HEAP_SIZE environment variable controls the maximum memory allocation for the JVM (set in megabytes). It defaults to 1024.

Running on 64-bit Windows

This requires a commercial license for Java Service Wrapper. Licenses are bound to a specific machine, so make sure you send the correct host id when ordering the license.

Once you have your license information, paste the extra wrapper.license.* lines into the elasticsearch.conf file. Then download the corresponding windows x86 64 bit build of the JSW.

Place the service directory under the elasticsearch bin directory. Copy bin\wrapper.exe to bin\service\exec\elasticsearch-windows-x86-64.exe, and lib\wrapper.dll and lib\wrapper.jar to bin\service\lib in your elasticsearch directory. Also make sure you have a 64-bit JRE installed. The service can then be installed and started as described above.