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FGases dataflow project


Repository structure

  • aggregation: Harvesting and aggregation scripts, and import tool
  • angular
    • ext-resources-conversions: Scripts regarding external resources for webform and QA
    • schema: Contains the FGases data schema
    • webform: Legacy version of the webform, now obsolete and kept for historical reasons
    • webform-v2: The active version of the webform
    • xml: XML and JSON file resources
    • xsl: XSLT conversions including HTML printout
  • xqueries: QA scripts and utilities


See corresponding README file.


For some reason, the TripleDev team decided to use the same repository when the FGases regulation software was majorly refactored, and placed the resulting components (webform, HTML printout) in this directory.


See corresponding README file.


The schema that has been utilized since 2015. Up until the time of writing, all changes have been incremental, hence backwards compatible. This has allowed us to re-use the same file by just applying any necessary addition to the schema.


Obsolete, kept for historical reasons.


See corresponding README file.


Contains various XML and JSON resources. The most crucial files contained here are the following:

  • fgases-gases-2015.xml: The gas list used by the webform, HTML printout and QA scripts. Must be updated each year to include frequently reported user mixes. See angular/ext-resources-conversions for more.
  • fgases-labels-en.xml: The string resources used by the webform and HTML printout. Note that while the webform build process bundles this resource with the rest of the form project, there is no such functionality for HTML printout, thus this file must be manually deployed to converters each time it is updated, so that changes in text may be reflected into the printout!


Contains the HTML prinout XSLT plus other conversions.


See corresponding README file.

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