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Horizon Scanning Tool


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Prerequisites - System packages

These packages should be installed as superuser (root).

Debian based systems

Install these before setting up an environment:

apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev python-virtualenv git

RHEL based systems

Install Python2.7 with PUIAS:

Run these commands:

curl | python2.7 -
pip2.7 install virtualenv
yum install git

Install dependencies

We should use Virtualenv for isolated environments. The following commands will be run as an unprivileged user in the product directory:

1.Clone the repository:

git clone -o origin horizon-scanning
cd horizon-scanning

2.1.Create & activate a virtual environment:

virtualenv --no-site-packages sandbox
echo '*' > sandbox/.gitignore
source sandbox/bin/activate

2.2.Make sure setuptools >= 0.8 is installed:

pip install -U setuptools

3.Install dependencies:

pip install -r requirements-dep.txt

4.Create a local configuration file:

cd hstool

# Follow instructions in to adapt it to your needs.

5.Create initial database structure:

./ syncdb

6.Migrate apps

./ migrate

7.Load fixtures data into the database:

./ loadfixtures
./ load_metadata_fixtures

Build production


Build staging



The project owner is Valentin Dumitru (valentin.dumitru at

Other people involved in this project are:

  • Alex Eftimie (alex.eftimie at
  • Mihai Zamfir (mihai.zamfir at







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